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Uta-sama ahsjhakaha

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"ABCDEFGeek, Vol. 1" by Otis Frampton. These are awesome! Poster available for purchase here.

(by the way — ‘T’ is for ‘Tribble’!)

Office decoration!

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I was feeling a little down the other day so I decided to look back on what i’ve made this year. I realized I had ten “original” projects so I decided to put them into a photoset!

I’m proud of what i’ve made so far but I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped!

Luckily I have three months left, hopefully I can get a satisfactory amount of stuff done in that time period. I think I have at least twelve projects I would like to finish up before this year ends, which is kind of crazy.

Most of these were made between April-August,  and this isn’t including Elsa, stays, chemises, headpieces, or incomplete projects. Everything was drafted and sewn by me, and most of them are original designs!

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instead of calling someone a “grammar nazi”, why not try:

  • word nerd
  • syntax whiplash
  • fuckin geek
  • speech preacher
  • punctuate infatuate-er
  • ~Lord English~
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A couple more of this week’s doodles.
1: Cats vs Bunnies with tai-porto
2: More Q because YES
3: Idc I AM PUMPED FOR NEW DIGIMON!!! Fyeah!!! Also… Can u say… OTP!!!?
4: It rained, I walked, shit happened… I ended up soaking wet, except from my bum

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lindika2 is fucking reposting people’s art that don’t belong to her again, and what’s worse, from pixiv.

This artwork belongs to worlds-end430this is the link to her pixiv.


Others, stop reblogging from lindika2 already, she has been told time and time again to not repost other people’s works and yet she does it. Reblog from the sources goddammit.

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iwishsherlockisatimelord Help Desk: 4191:

Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but I have been looking for this 00Q fic for a while now but I can't remember the title and I was hoping you have an idea about what it is - Q and Bond are dating but Q broke up with him. The bad guys planted an explosive inside Q that threatens to explode whenever they come near each other. Help?!. Thanks a lot.

Ahh sorry, i don’t know but maybe someone in the 00q tag can help. Anybody???? Help?? Also, sorry if this is late, i don’t get notifications from tumblr on my phone >.>

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Just in case you guys didn’t know you are allowed to send me messages

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Colored, might (when I have internet again orz) make these into stickers and/or buttons

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Faceq has the perfect hair for Sherlock, but not for Q. This is the closest I could get. Also this would be Qs reaction to unruly double-ohs on a bad day with no tea…

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Benedict Cumberbatch in British GQ magazine-Actor of the Year

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I hate it when people make you out to be the bad guy of the story, especially people all you’ve done is help